Camera Power supply voor Fuji AC-5v + CP-95

Camera Power supply voor Fuji AC-5v + CP-95
  • This high-quality AC adapter cable from vhbw is suitable for your camera, video camera, DSLR or camcorder.

    This AC power adapter allows you to use the camera with mains electricity, meaning you no longer have to depend on accumulator batteries. Whether photography is your hobby or profession, the vhbw mains power adapter means your camera is ready for use at any time. Ideal for use in studios, photo booths or for longer work on the PC - the perfect power pack for your camera.
    Also useful for taking photos from the same perspective over a longer period - changing batteries is no longer necessary.

    The total length of 2m allows for enormous flexibility even with plugs that are difficult to access.

    Whether photography is your hobby or profession, the vhbw power mains adapter your camera ready for use at any time.

    To ensure compatibility, please check under "Suitable for the following device models" to see whether your objective or camera is listed there.

    - Not an original product - high-quality, compatible accessory from the brand vhbw.

    Content of delivery:

    • 1 x mains ac power adapter incl. battery adapter

    Technical details:

    • Output: DC 5.0V, 2.0A
    • Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Total length: 2m
    • Incl. DC coupler
    • Colour: black

    Suitable for the following device models:

    • Fuji / Fujifilm FinePix : F30
    • Fuji / Fujifilm FinePix : F30fd
    • Fuji / Fujifilm FinePix : F31
    • Fuji / Fujifilm FinePix : F31fd
    • Fuji / Fujifilm : W1 Real 3D
    • Fuji / Fujifilm : X100
    • Fuji / Fujifilm : X100S
    • Fuji / Fujifilm : X100T
    • Fuji / Fujifilm : X30
    • Fuji / Fujifilm : X70

    Replaces the following original accessories:

    • Fuji / Fujifilm : AC-5V, AC-5VX, AC-5X, CP-95
      Fuji / Fujifilm : CP95
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