Battery Panasonic VW-VBT380 HC-V720 V727EB V770EB W570


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PATONA Battery f. Panasonic VW-VBT380 HC-V720 V727EB V770EB W570

Technical Data:
High capacity – 3560 mAh / 12,8 Wh / 3,6V
Type: Li-ion

Compatible model number:

V110, V120, V160, V210, V250EB, V270, V380, V510, V520, V550, V550EB, V710, V720, V727, V727EB, V750EB, V757, V770EB, V777, VX870, VX989, VXF999, VXF-999, W570, W580, W850EB, WX878, WX979

Also compatible with the model number of original part Number VW-VBK180 und VW-VBK360

H100, H85, HS60, HS80, S70, SD40, SD80, SD90, SDX1, T50, T55, T70, TM40, TM41, TM55, TM60, TM80, TM90
SDR H100, H101, H85, H95, S45, S50, S70, S71, T50, T55, T70, T71, T76

Compatible part number:
Panasonic VBT380, VBT-380, VBT-380 E-K, VBT380EK

Also compatible with part number:
Panasonic VBT190, VBT-190, VBT-190 E-K, VBT190EK, VW-VBK180, VW-VBK180, VW-VBK180-K, VBK180, VBK 180, VW-VBK360, VW-VBK360, VW-VBK360-K, VBK360, VBK 360

Attention: The following camera models are not compatible: HC-VK11, HC-VX11, HC-V808, HC-V800GK, HC-V808GK, HC-WXF1GK, HC-WXF1MGK, HC-VXF1GK, HC-VXF11GK, HC-VX1GK

Pictures are only for illustration purposes – delivery may vary. Offered is a product of the quality brand PATONA.

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