Berenstargh Micro Batteries 4x Battery AAA MICRO LR3 950mAh


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Berenstargh Micro batteries 4x Battery AAA MICRO LR3 950mAh

Technical Data:

– Type: Ni-Mh
– AA Micro battery are fast charging
– 950mAh
– up to 1700 charge cycles
– low self discharge (if you do not use battery, 70% of power are present after 5 years)
– newest READY to USE technologie

Compatible part number:
824, 24A, AAA, AM4, AM4M8A, DC2400, DC2400B4N, E92, HR03, HR3, K3A, LR03, LR03N, LR3, MN2400, R03, R3, S, UO100557

Compatible devices:
digital cameras, portable CD-Player, portable MP3-Player, Walkmann, remote control, pocket lamp, flashlight, PDA etc.

The Berenstargh brand was developed specifically for the retail trade. The Berenstargh Li-Ion battery offers maximum capacity and endurance for your camera. High-quality brand cells, as well as cycle stability ensure longevity and low self-discharge even with rare use. Berenstargh batteries are 100% identical to the original battery and offer an excellent price-performance ratio! The Berenstargh batteries are developed under the strictest quality controls and have all the same electronic safety precautions as the original batteries. Berenstargh gives your camera the maximum POWER for long and beautiful photo experiences! With the purchase of a Berenstargh battery you will acquire an excellent, exquisite product which will convince you day after day. A dream for every hobby or professional photographer!

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