Dual charger Canon BP-915 EOS C300 C300 PL BP-915 HA HA H1S BP-915 PowerShot incl. Micro-USB cable


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PATONA Dual charger f. Canon BP-915 EOS C300 C300 PL BP-915 HA HA H1S BP-915 PowerShot incl. Micro-USB cable

The PATONA Canon BP-915 Dual dual charger is the ideal companion for on the way. Not only the elegant design, but also the low weight will convince you. The dual charger is a real lightweight and that is exactly why it will be used on private or business trips. Even at home the charger can be used reliably and is a real help for your photo projects.

The PATONA dual charger was developed under the strictest quality controls and has all the electronic safety precautions. With the dual charger you can charge 2 batteries at the same time. The included micro USB cable allows you to set the device with power supply. Every commercially-available USB port can be used for this function. Your batteries are also protected against overcharging because the charger has an integrated, automatic shutdown system.

Technical Data

    • Input: 5V 2,1A
    • Output: 4,2V 600mA x2


Compatible model number:

C300, C300 PL
PowerShot E1, E2, E30
X XF100, XF105, XF300, XF305, XH A1, XH G1, XH G1S, XL H1S, XL2, XM2
C2, DMMV1, DM-MV1, DMMV10, DM-MV10, ES300V , ES-300V, ES4000, ES-4000, ES410V, ES-410V, ES420V, ES-420V, ES420V Hi8, ES-420V Hi8, ES50, ES-50, ES5000, ES-5000, ES520A, ES-520A, ES60 Hi8, ES-60 Hi8, ES6000, ES-6000, ES65 Hi8, ES-65 Hi8, ES6500V, ES-6500V, ES7000es, ES-7000es, ES7000V, ES-7000V, ES75 Hi8, ES-75 Hi8, ES8000V, ES-8000V, ES8100H18, ES-8100H18, ES8100V, ES-8100V, ES8200V, ES-8200V, ES8200V Hi8, ES-8200V Hi8, ES8400V, ES-8400V, ES8400V Hi8, ES-8400V Hi8, ES8600, ES-8600, FV1, G1000, G-1000, G10Hi, G-10Hi, G1500, G-1500, G30Hi, G35Hi, G45Hi, GL1 , GL-1 , GL2 (Mini DV), MV1, MV10, MV100, MV200, Optura, UCV100, UC-V100, UCV10Hi, UC-V10Hi, UCV200, UC-V200, UCV20Hi, UC-V20Hi, UCV30Hi, UC-V30Hi, UCX1Hi, UC-X1Hi, UCX2, UC-X2, UCX2Hi, UC-X2Hi, UCX30Hi, UC-X30Hi, UCX40Hi, UC-X40Hi, UCX45Hi, UC-X45Hi, UCX50Hi, UC-X50Hi, UCX55Hi, UC-X55Hi, Ultura, V40, V40Hi, V420, V50Hi, V520, V60Hi, V65Hi, V72, V75Hi, Vistura, XL H1, XL1, XL1S, XL2, XM1, XM2, XV1, XV2

Compatible to following batteries:

Canon BP911, BP-911, BP914, BP-914, BP915, BP-915, BP924, BP-924, BP925, BP-925, BP927, BP-927, BP930, BP-930, BP941, BP-941, BP945, BP-945, BP955, BP-955, BP970G, BP-970G, BP975, BP-975

Additional information:
This charger is a high quality product of the brand PATONA – designed and developed by German engineers.

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