Platinum Battery GoPro Hero 8 AHDBT-801 Hero 7 AHDBT-701 Hero 6 Hero 5 AHDBT-501


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PATONA Platinum Battery f. GoPro Hero 8 AHDBT-801 Hero 7 AHDBT-701 Hero 6 Hero 5 AHDBT-501

This new PATONA battery for Hero 8 is from the PATONA Platinum series. This was developed for a sensationally long lasting photo pleasure. The performance of the built-in cells is almost inexhaustible. In the PATONA Platinum series, the most advanced cells have been used, which have a quality that is not only extraordinary but also impressive. The Platinum Series is the highest quality, most durable and most innovative series from PATONA. With the purchase of a battery from the PATONA Platinum Series, you acquire an excellent, exquisite product that will fascinate you.

Technical data:
Capacity: 1250mAh / 3,85V / 4,8Wh
Type: Li-Ion
Brand: PATONA Platinum

Compatible model number:
601-10197-00, AABAT-001, AABAT-001-AS, ASST1, CHDHX-501, Hero 5, Hero 5 Black, Hero 6 Black, Hero 7 Black, Hero 7 Silver, Hero 7 White, Hero 8 Black 

Compatible part number:
GoPro 025416, 421850, AHDBT-501, AHDBT-701, AHDBT-801, GOP004, IEC 62133, IS 16046, R-41047830

Pictures are only for illustration purposes – delivery may vary. Offered is a product of the quality brand PATONA.

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