Premium Battery Apple iPhone SE 616-00107 incl. power tool set


PATONA Premium Battery f. Apple iPhone SE 616-00107 incl. power tool set

We are pleased to present you our smartphone batteries, which are completely new in the PATONA Premium series. This series was developed for professionals and frequent users for durable and flexible use with particularly high performance. You will receive a complete repair set in an attractive packaging consisting of the PATONA Premium battery and the corresponding tool set. We also supply Youtube videos as support for battery replacement.
It goes without saying that the PATONA brand is produced to the highest quality standards. However, in order to take a further step towards quality leadership and increase customer satisfaction, PATONA’s quality awareness was sharpened again and the new long-lasting PATONA Premium battery series was launched on the market. We are proud to offer you this premium product and wish you a lot of fun using it.

Technical specifications:
Voltage: 3,82 Volt
Capacity: 1640 mAh / 6,26 Wh
Type: Li-Polymer
Brand: PATONA Premium

Compatible model number:
Apple iPhone SE

Compatible part numbers:
Apple 616-00107

The claim of the PATONA brand is the highest level of quality. Of course, this also includes extraordinary safety standards. The perfectly compatible replica batteries naturally include electronic safety precautions such as overheating protection and meet the highest European quality standards. PATONA always offers top quality at fair prices. Even the brand’s new premium series can be purchased at affordable prices. With the new Premium Series of the PATONA brand, everyone, whether professional or hobby user, can acquire an extremely powerful battery and thus a piece of exclusivity.

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