Premium Charger 19V 4,74A 90W Acer Aspire/Travelmate/Extensa/Medion PA-1900-05 incl. power cable


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PATONA Premium Charger 19V 4,74A 90W f. Acer Aspire/Travelmate/Extensa/Medion PA-1900-05 incl. power cable

As a further product of our PATONA Premium series we present you our notebook power supplies in premium quality. These have been specially developed with a view to high safety, quality and absolute reliability. They are ideal for professional and frequent users for permanent and flexible use with high performance and long service life.

The claim of the PATONA brand is the highest level of quality. Of course, this also includes extraordinary safety standards. The perfectly compatible replica power supplies naturally include all electronic safety precautions, such as charge current limitation, temperature and overcurrent protection of the original power supplies and meet the highest European quality standards.
PATONA always offers top quality at fair prices. Even the brand’s new premium series can be purchased at affordable prices. With the new Premium Series of the PATONA brand, everyone, whether professional or hobby user, can acquire an extremely powerful product and thus a piece of exclusivity.

Technical Data:
Outer diameter round plug: 5,5mm, inside diameter 2,5mm, plug length 12mm (please compare with your old power supply as there are different plug variants for this power supply)
Input: 100~240V – 50 Hz
Output:  19V
Power: 3,42A / 65W
positive pole inside / negative pole outside

Compatible model number:
ACER Acernote Serie:
Acernote 355, 356, 367D, 367T, 374, 370C, 850C

ACER AcernoteLight Serie:
AcernoteLight 350, 360, 370, 370C, 370P, 370PC, 372, 373, 373+, 380

ACER Aspire Serie:
Aspire 1200, 1300, 1306, 1350, 1351LC, 1351XC, 1352LC,
Aspire 1352XC, 1353LC, 1353LM, 1353XC, 1355LC, 1355LCi
Aspire 1355LM, 1355LMi, 1356LC,1356LCi, 1356LMi, 1357LC, 1357LM
Aspire 1357LMi, 1360, 1400, 1450, 2000, 2100, 2020, 3628, 3628AWXCi
Aspire 3020 AS3020LMi, AS3020WLMi, AS3021WLMi, AS3022LMi
Aspire AS3022WLM, AS3022WLMi, AS3023LMi, AS3023WLM
Aspire AS3023WLMi, AS3025WLM, AS3025WLMi
Aspire 5020, AS5020LCi, AS5020LMi, AS5021LCi, AS5021LMi
Aspire AS5021NWLCi, AS5021WLCi, AS5021WLM, AS5021WLMi
Aspire AS5022NWLMi, AS5022WLM, AS5022WLMi, AS5023WLMi
Aspire AS5024WLMi, AS5024WLCi, 5040, 5600, 5610, 5650, 5670, 5672WML
Aspire 7110, 9410, 9500, AS9502WSMi, AS9503EWSMi, AS9504WSMi, 9510

ACER Anywhere 1100LX, 1200LX

ACER Extensa Serie:
Extensa 355, 365, 366D, 367D, 368D, 390, 390C, 391, 391T, 393
Extensa 500, 501DX, 501T, 502D, 503DX, 505DX, 506DX, 600, 610
Extensa 610CD, 601CDT

ACER Ferrari 3000 Serie:
Ferrari 3000, 3000LMi, 3000LMib, 3200, 3400, 4000

ACER Tablet PC C300

ACER Travelmate Serie:
Travelmate 220, 260, 290, 291, 420, 660, 800, 2300, 2420
Travelmate 4000, 4220, 4400, 4500, 4670, 4670, 5610
Travelmate 6000, 8000, 8200

ACER Travelmate a550

ACER Travelmate TM Serie:
Travelmate TM200, TM210, TM220, TM230, TM260, TM270, TM279
Travelmate TM280, TM290, TM330, TM340, TM370, TM380, TM420
Travelmate TM430, TM500, TM510, TM520, TM521, TM522, TM525
Travelmate TM527, TM529, TM530, TM600, TM602, TM603, TM610
Travelmate TM620, TM630, TM650, TM660, TM730, TM732, TM735
Travelmate TM738, TM739, TM740, TM800, TM803, TM2300, TM3200
Travelmate TM4000, TM4050, TM4202WLMi, TM4500, TM5300, TM6000
Travelmate TM6100, TM7000, TM7100, TM7300, TM8000, TM8202WLMi
Travelmate TM8204WLMi

Compatible part numbers: 
PA-1750-02,  PA-1900-05
LC.ADT01.001, LC.ADT01.002, LC-ADT01-003, LC.ADT01.003, LC.ADT01.004, LC-T2801-006, LC.T2801.006
ADP-65DB, ADT01.008
91.41Q28.002, 91.42S28.002, 91.46W28.002, 91.48R28.003
AP.09001.003, AP.A1003.002, AP.A1003.003, AP.T2303.001, AP.T2303.002, AP.T3503.002

and identical in construction

Attention: This Battery may not be offered for sale on eBay and Amazon.

Pictures are only for illustration purposes – delivery may vary. Offered is a product of the quality brand PATONA.

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