RC Battery 3,7V 420mAh Walkera Li-Polymer fur Hubsan X4, Galaxy Visitor, Wal


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Op voorraad

PATONA RC Akku 3,7V 420mAh Walkera Li-Polymer für Hubsan X4, Galaxy Visitor


The new RC Batteries of PATONA are ideal to use with your model car, copter, quad copter, drone or model boat.

Due to latest manufacturing technologies higher continuous load currents and burst load currents can be achieved.

Despite the higher performance the weight of PATONA RC batteries is often lower than that of other manufacturers.

The battery is, for example, suitable for the following models: Hubsan X4, Galaxy Visitor, Walkera Ladybird

Technical specifications:
Voltage: 3,7V
Capacity: 420mAh
Cell type: Li-Polymer
Dimensions: 39x22x9mm
Weight: 16,89g
Connector system: Walkera
Continuous discharge: 25C
Discharge Burst: 30C
Format: 1S1P

Attention: This Battery may not be offered for sale on eBay, Amazon and Real.

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