Slim micro-USB Charger Canon NB-4L Digital Ixus i zoom i zoom i7 i7 800 IS 850 IS


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PATONA Slim micro-USB Charger f. Canon NB-4L Digital Ixus i zoom i zoom  i7  i7 800 IS 850 IS

The PATONA Canon NB-4L Slim micro-USB Charger is the ideal companion for any trip due to its sleek and slim design. You will receive a product from PATONA that you can always rely on. Exceptional reliability, long life and stylish design will make your photo shoot an unforgettable experience. The charger can be powered by the supplied Micro USB cable. High safety despite low construction, thanks to the integrated automatic shutdown system, this prevents damage to the battery caused by overcharging.

Technical Data:

  • Input: DC 5V / 1,0A
  • Output: DC 8.4V / 500mA
  • Dimension: 5,2 x 4,0 x 1,8 cm
  • Contacts: Micro USB (input)

Compatible model number:

Digital Ixus
i zoom, i zoom,  i7,  i7, 800 IS, 850 IS, 860 IS, 90 IS, 900 TI, 950 IS, 960 IS, 970 IS

Compatible part number:
Canon NB4L, NB-4L, NB5L, NB-5L

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